Wren & Willow has been founded on the principle that skincare should work with your skin rather than against it.  The potency of natural plant and seed oils has been understood and harnessed for thousands of years, so to choose these ingredients for your skincare products is to choose an age-old way to balance and treat your skin from within.   


We all know how it feels when you use skincare products that aren’t right for you and very often it is the beginning of a downward spiral. Cleansers that are too harsh will strip your skin of its natural protective oils and will leave it feeling tight and parched, most likely leading you to choose a moisturiser that’s too thick and will block pores and lead to blemishes, and lip balms full of mineral oil won’t penetrate the skin and somehow leave your lips drier than when you started, needing you to reapply more often...and so the cycle continues.



Natural Ingredients


At Wren & Willow we use only the finest natural ingredients - plant and seed oils, butters and waxes that have been produced using the least aggressive processes possible so that they retain their powerful skincare benefits.  There are no mineral oils, silicones, sulphates or fillers, and no water which means no preservatives or parabens.  We only use pure essential oils…never any synthetic fragrances or colours, just amazing natural ingredients that will feed and nourish your skin, allowing it to achieve its own natural balance.

Handmade in small batches

All our products are handmade in small quantities which allows us to ensure that each batch is as fresh as possible for our customers and will deliver the maximum botanical benefits to the skin, meaning we never have to compromise on quality.  Natural oils and balms will have a shelf life of up to 12 months if stored in cool, dry conditions and no water is allowed to get into the product.

Never tested on animals

This is an easy one, we test all out products on ourselves and willing volunteers...none of our products have ever been tested on animals and never will be.  We will also never sell in any markets or outlets that would require us to do so.  

Ethics and Sustainability

At Wren & Willow, our policy in these areas is is to do the best we can in as many ways as possible, below is a list of the things we are currently doing and we will be working hard to increase this list as time goes on...

- all our paper based packaging is recyclable and as much as possible is FSC accredited

- all our product packaging is recyclable

- we do not use any materials derived from palm oil or palm kernel oil


We have also adopted the philosophy of 'reduce, reuse & recycle', so sometimes your parcel of W&W goodies may be packed in different materials.  This is so that we can reuse the packaging that our components and raw materials come in...we hope you don't mind!

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